volume of chord symbols

• Jan 29, 2021 - 16:11

I haven't figured out a system to mute or lower the volume of the chord symbols written above the staff. I have the plugin that expands the chords. I tried to manually remove the chord symbols which initially worked until I made changes and then all the expanded chords were deleted.


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You need to expand the channel strip for the instrument with the chord symbols to see its subchannels. Right now you're only seeing the bottom portion of the channel strips. EIther expand the window or scroll up so you can see the top of the channel strips, where the expand buttons are.

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Yes. it looks like you successfully expanded the flute strip. So assuming the flute is the instrument with the chord symbols you wish to change the volume of, you need to move the sldier for one of the two subchannels you see. Probably the one on the right, but to be sure, you'd need to expand the mixer more, or scroll back down, to see the names of the subchannels.

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