wrong tempo in the player at the site

• Jan 29, 2021 - 15:41

recently i have found discrepancies between timings of a score in different versions of musescore. this my composition (baja) sounds for 16.30s in musescore3 but sounds for 16.07s in the player on website; and in addition it was been signed as being sounding for 14.36s by me (in musescore1). but the true timing is of 16.30s. and bar highlighting in browser works slower than sounding tempo (with accumulating mistake). by the end of composition bar highlighting simply stops before score`s actual end.


Do you by chance a local override to the tempo applied using the Play Panel? That would indeed cause you to hear the playback at a tempo different from what is actually in the score, but msuescore.com - or any user downloading the score and playing it within MuseScore - will hear only what's in the score. So be sure your Play Panel says 100% for tempo in order to understand the true tempo you have specified.

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