Why has my style changed the page layout when I only changed the font?

• Jan 29, 2021 - 10:50

I am trying to use a Style so that my scores default to using a different font for the main headings, but other things have changed. I opened up an existing score of mine, went into Format, Style ..., Text Settings, where I happily changed the font. All good so far. However, I noticed the layout of the score changed. For example the page margin at the top shrunk. I checked in Format, Page Settings.... and that confirmed that the margins had all changed - the top margin had changed from 15mm to 10mm. Why did that happen when all I changed in the Style was the Heading and Composer text fonts?

Accepting that this had happened, I then looked for a Page setting within Format, Style... and sure enough there was one. However, it did not have a page margin setting within it. It does show "Music Top Margin" measured of "7.0sp". Is this the same as top page margin but using a different type of measurement system? In summary, why did the page margin change and how can I set it back as part of the Style?


Yes, there was a known serious issue in 3.6.0 with regard to how style settings are applied, which is fixed in 3.6.1 but unfortunately replaced by a different somewhat less serious one.

But to be clear: the settings in Page Settings are the ones you probably want to be controlling. They are not the resultof style settings elsewhere, they are separate settings. So for instance, page top margin is the distance from top of page to an imaginary line defining the marign, but music top margin is the distance from that imaginary line to the top of the first staff on the page. They are independent settings.

So, just change the margin back directly in the Page Settings for now.

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What do you mean by "as a default"? Do you mean, every time you create a new score? Or that you want to coerce existing scores to obey your amrgins rather than the ones they were created with?

Either way, part of the solution is to create a style file (.mss) file containing the settings you want. Start with Format / Style / Save Style, then edit it to contain just the settings you want to customize. To load this into an existing score, use Format / Style / Load Style. To make this the default for new scores, specify it in Edit / Preferences / Score.

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