• Jan 28, 2021 - 01:46

I just upgraded to 3.6 on Win 10 64 bit machine. All of the objects are so small I can't see them. All of the pallette images, all of the images during new song set up are so small they can't be seen.

I believe the last version was 32 bit. Admittedly, I haven't used the software for over a year, so a lot may have changed



This happens if something unusual about your display configuration prevents MuseScore from determining the resolution correctly. I assume also the toolbar icons (like for new score, open, save, print, etc)?

The solution is to tell MuseScore the correct resolution in DPI. If you can't find that info, you can try just guessing some values. "Normal" displays are 100 DPI. If things are too small, that means MuseScore thinks your resolution is less than it really is. Some modern displays are 200 or 300 (mine is 166). Once you figure that out, right click the program icon, access Properties, and find where you can set the command line. You will need to add "-D xxx" to what you see, where xxx is the correct DPI value.

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