Individual part transposition

• Jan 27, 2021 - 12:19
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S3 - Major

1) Imported a MIDI file successfully.
2) Transposed the whole score from the key of D to Eb.
3) Looked at the Eb Alto Sax part and found it to be in the key of Gb instead of C. The transpose setting is correctly set at a Major 6th but defaults to "down" instead of "up". Changing it to "up" gives a strange key of A.

This worked correctly before the upgrade.

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Down is the correct setting - this instrument does sound a major sixth lower than written.

The score is in a not good state right now as can be seen by comparing key signatures, so as mentioned, we would need the original MIDI file and the steps to follow to reproduce this problem. As it is, given this file, MuseScore is displaying it correctly given the messed up score.

Is it possible you originally imported the MIDI in 3.5, then saved it while in concert pitch mode, then loaded it into 3.6, then hit the reset styles button? There was a bug that could mess up key signatures for transposing instruments in this case. That bug is fixed for 3.6.1. Meanwhile, the notes are correct here, you just need to fix the key. Easiest is to delete the key signature and then add the Eb key signature back in.

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Actually, I can reproduce this from scratch - for MIDI files that were exported from MuseScore while in concert pitch mode. It's not a regression at all, I can reproduce going back to 2.3.2. To be honest, I don't understand the MIDI spec well enough to say if it's actually a bug, I don't know how transposed key signatures are supposed to be handled. But anyhow, definitely not new at all.