Export the metronome to sound (.wav .mp3) file

• Jan 26, 2021 - 23:09

I apologize if this is an old issue. (side note--I find it hard to search within the forum to find out if a question has already been asked and answered.)

Anyway.. I would like to know if there's a way to include the metronome track when exporting to a sound file. I have the score set to play the metronome, but when I export the score to mp3, the metronome is not audible. Is there a setting that I can use to accomplish this? Many thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer this.


There is no setting, but it is a common request. Best way to search, btew, is using a regular web search, but specify this as the site (eg, in Google, "site:musescore.org export metronome" produces lots of relevant hits. Many point out the workaround of adding a percussion track and filling it with quarter notes, then making it invisible if desired.

Thank you both for your helpful replies! I strongly support the new feature request, these days more than ever. Having a metronome track is a helpful teaching / learning tool for music teachers and students, and it's also really handy for all the church and community choirs that are attempting to rehearse and perform separately, with post-performance mixing. Thanks also for the helpful tip about searching.

Many threads on metronome issues...Just wondering though, (short answer) ...is it presently possible to just export the metronome click for a piece by itself - with no other voices included? I'm not talking about standard 4/4 throughout a score, which can be easily made elsewhere, but for more complicated, contemporary and very long scores where the meter and time signatures change every few bars and where having a matching click track would be really useful for recording purposes. Thx

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