MuseScore 3.6.0 Note Placement Issue

• Jan 26, 2021 - 22:37

I love MuseScore. However, I've encountered what seems to be a note placement issue in MuseScore 3.6. I hope that the attached PNG image adequately illustrates the issue (upper half of image), and how it seems it should be (lower half of image), with note positions horizontally transposed. The accidental (the sharp) belongs to the A, not the B.


I suppose one workaround is to notate differently--


--and another (for readers who like me should probably have done a little more research first) might be to use x-axis offsets in the Inspector panel, or double click the notes to be able to use the arrow keys to move note, stem and flag together. (Thank you, Marc Sabatella!)


(you're welcome!)

There are some situations where there can be disagreement among professional editors as to how to best represent cases like this. But FWIW, the way MuseScore does this is pretty standard I think. When there are adjacent notes like this, if the higher note is stem up, it goes to the left. Dots and accidentals can sometimes cause one to override this, but not necessarily. In the MsueScore arrangement, it is clear the accidental belongs to the A because that's the space it is on. Whereas in the proposed arrangement, the dot becomes a bit ambiguous.

Again, subjectively, some editors may choose to reverse the notes in this case, but the overall rule being followed is correct.

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