creating one score from several

• Jan 26, 2021 - 15:38

I would like to join three songs together on one sheet. How can I do that? I tried copy paste, but then I don't have the chord symbols and sytem text etc. There will only be one title for the whole thing.


The Album feature from MuseScore 2.x is not available in 3.x. It may be again in MuseScore 4, code for that had been written last summer, but it hadn't been merged yet, see

Until then you still can do this, but have to do it manually, adding section breaks, inseting vertical frames, propulating them with Title etc.

You can certainly use copy/paste, and those would include chord symbols, system text etc

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I tried to convert the selected 'system text' to 'staff text' using the option in the inspector, then copy/paste it to the destination and finally convert all back to system text, but it doesn't work either.
MuseScore remebers it was System Text in the first place, so it doesn't copy.

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You mean it does copy, but one item at a time? I'm trying to copy a selection and it doesn't work.
I thought that maybe because I started to work in this huge file in 2019 somehow the file itself had embedded limitations from a previous time... But I just made to new documents to check, and system text only copies one element at a time. Is it there any other way?

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