Unable to change noteheads after performing an instrument change - 3.6

• Jan 26, 2021 - 05:43

I recently updated to Musescore 3.6 and so far, I have been enjoying the majority of the features, I just have one thing that I can't get fixed. I have a part in my score where I want to change the instrument so I can get the players to stomp the floor. In order to do this, I changed their instruments to the "To Stamp" option and just used the bass drum sound as a placeholder. In order to make it more readable, I wanted to change the noteheads to the x whenever the stomping was happening. I first tried by going to the inspector and changing the noteheads there but could not get anything to change. Next, I went to the "Edit Drumset" option in the bottom left while notation mode is active and tried changing the notehead there. The head changed in the "Edit Drumset" UI but when I tried actually placing the note, it just came out as the regular notehead (shown in images). I am able to change the noteheads of every other note on my score so I think it has something to do with the instrument change. Thanks for reading my long message and I hope someone can get this fixed soon!

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It's hard to diagnose problems from just a picture, but if you have truly changed the staff to a drumset, then to change noteheads, you need to edit the drumset definition. If that/'s not working, we'd need the actual score in order to investigate. But FWIW, personally, I find it simpler to leave the staff normal, change the noteheads, and add the stomp or other effects on a separate staff I can then mark invisible.

I'm having trouble changing noteheads in the Drumset.
I want all to be the - x - style.

This is a page for me to copy and paste simple kick-snare-high hat patterns into lessons.

I managed to get all of the notes to show as X, and when I go into Note Entry, it even shows the X. Not even quite sure exactly how I did it, but when the kick turned into an x I copied and pasted it - same with the tom.

I've been trying to change them two ways, one is via the Inspector, but the 'head scheme' and 'head group' are greyed out.
Also in 'Edit Drumset' - and I select the instrument, click 'edit noteheads '- 'apply' --- and nothing happens.

When I copy and paste into a different score, the hi hat stays as an X but the low floor tom goes back to the black notehead.

Trying to copy from Kick and Snare.


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You wrote:
I want all to be the - x - style.

OK... looking at your Kick and Snare file...
When a note is selected, the status bar will display the name of that percussion instrument.

Your Kick & Snare file shows that you are using a Bass Drum 1 in measures 1 - 16.
Then an Acoustic Bass Drum in measures 17 - 44.
Then back to Bass Drum1 for the remainder.

You need to change both in 'Edit Drumset to a 'Cross' notehead group:
then they will all be the x style.

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Pasting will use the drumset definitions in the destination staff, So if you want the same definitions in both staves, you'd need to set it up that way.

if you continue to have trouble, please attach the score in its current state and give precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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