Is 'viewing 2 pages arranged horizontally with scrolling vertically' possible?

• Jan 25, 2021 - 10:16

I hope you're always enjoying your music.

I am on a desktop PC, with MuseScore 3.

I wonder if there is a way to arrange the score as follows.
1. I want to scroll my score in vertically.
2. I want 2 pages of score to be arranged horizontally.

In short, like editing a document in MS Word, I want 2nd page comes on the right of 1st page, and 3rd page comes on the below of 1st page. I will simply attach the layout I want below.


  • I know how to scroll vertically.(Edit-Preferences-Canvas-Scroll Pages-Vertically) However, in this way, two pages are arranged vertically when I select 'Two Pages' in Page View option.



In this way with this order it isn't possible. Maybe it's worth to discuss it as feature request:
May be as you know, what's possible, is to select "documents side by side", so that's also possible to see/edit pages of the same score at once, but you'll still have ordered all pages vertically.

No, I do not believe there is a way to do that. You could file it as a formal suggestion in the issue tracker though, I could see this word-editor like layout being useful for others as well.

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I agree that this would be useful. I'd also like to see in MuseScore what my PDF editor calls "book view," where even-numbered pages appear on the left and odd-numbered ones on the right. I suspect that composers like to work horizontally, but when I (an engraver) am preparing to generate final PDFs, I always check how the facing page pairs will look.

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I set this up using "View - Documents side by side" with a single document. You can then either drag or scroll the pages independently to have pp.1 and 2, etc.,side by side - or even p.3 and p.9 which can be handy for copy-and-paste. I discovered this by accident and use it quite often - it may not be good enough for what you want, though.

It's not ideal for lining up facing pages as I have to drag them by eye till they both line up with the top of the window, but works well enough for my non-professional purposes

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