Need to stretch but no Alt key on Mac

• Jan 24, 2021 - 07:11

I need to compact a few lines of music. I decided to decrease layout stretch. My options are:
"To decrease stretch:
Use the shortcut { (left curly bracket) (Mac: Ctrl + Alt + 8 ).
Or from the menu bar, select Format → Stretch → Decrease Layout Stretch ."

My Macbook Pro keyboard doesn't have an Alt key. I tried function and command with Control and 8 and no go. The { option in the menu is dimmed. Any suggestions?


I use Musescore 4 and the "curly bracket" + 8 or 9 does not work on my Mac. I have to use the menu choices. When I write in a document the shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + 8/9) works fine. A bug in Musescore?

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