Better percussion note input in Musescore

• Jan 24, 2021 - 03:42

Right now, note input using the mouse for percussion is very awkward in Musescore. You can't just click on the staff line you want, but you have to select which percussion note you want to input at the bottom of the screen. This is completely pointless on single-line percussion staves, and feels like a very inefficient method for drumsets. Wouldn't it be better in every way to be able to just click on the right staff line and input notes that way like with all the other instruments?


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I've found that it's much faster to use the left hand to change note durations, add tuplets, and manage accidentals on the keyboard while using the right to do note entry with the mouse. Musescore is already customizable to suit a lot of different workflows, so this would be yet another great step in that direction

Indeed, keyboard entry is the faster method both for percussion or for drumset. For drumset, clocking directly on the staff would not be ideal in that you would also need to select notehead and pitch, since the same line can be used for multiple sounds. I'm not saying improvements aren't possible, but realistically, using the keyboard already is extremely efficient. Even for drumset where you might need more than seven pitches, the shortcuts plus up/down, or occasional clicking, works quite well.

L'Moose, I couldn't agree more. But I doubt that anything is going to change. Why? Because using the keyboard is faster. And faster is better.
But only if you use it for note input already. I also want to be able to click on the staff and have a note appear. For the most part, I'm not interested the other three sounds possible on any line. Sure, you can remove them from the palette, but you still have to use the palette. So quite often what is faster for me is to consider not having a drum part at all.

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