Musescore 3.6 crashes when opening a score with corrupted part

• Jan 22, 2021 - 17:40
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S2 - Critical

After I updated to 3.6, this file crashes upon opening it.

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Title Musescore 3.6 crashes when I open this file Musescore 3.6 crashes when opening a score with corrupted part
Severity S1 - Blocker S2 - Critical
Regression No Yes
Workaround No Yes

Well, crashing on a corrupt score is basically by design... with a corruption anything can happen.
Anyway, if it crashes in 3.6 but not in 3.5 that's a regression.
And if re-generating the part fixes it, there's a workaround.

What'd be really important would be to find out how it got corrpt in the first place

For me it opens fine in a current build under the debugger, but that doesn't prove anything was fixed since 3.6, could be just one of those bugs involving non-deterministic behavior, like depending on an uninitialized variable, that differs between systems or in debug versus non-debug builds.

Ooops, except while typing the above,. it crashed on its own during the autosave I guess. Not a true crash, but an assertion failure, so still not hugely useful for debugging purposes. It just tells me what we already know - there is an empty measure in the drum part.

Frequency Once Many

The programs crashes when opening a corrupt score. I reinstalled MuseScore 3.6 but to no avail. Not sure how the file became corrupted. I am working on another project without any problems.

Regression No Yes

I encounter the same problem and even after correcting the corrupted measurement with the V 3.5, when I try to open the repaired score with V3.6 musecore crashes...

Regression Yes No
Workaround Yes No

My files also crash. I've created them in Version 3.5.x, opened them in 3.6 yesterday, edited some parts... Today I tried to reopen them, but they crash.
Tribal_Engel_v.0.1 --> opens fine, was created in 3.5.x, not edited in 3.6
Tribal_Engel_v.0.2 --> started as a copy from above, was later opened and edited in 3.6., now crashes.

I am not sure what kind of corruption could have happened. I keep the files in Dropbox, so maybe saving them while Dropbox was synchronizing could be an issue? But I highly doubt that, Dropbox manages that quite well....

EDIT: Sorry, i didn't mean to change the status of "Workaround" and "Regression"! I cannot edit it back :(
EDIT 2: removed files again.

The recently posted scores are not corrupt, they are simply examples of the known issue where the start repeat barline caused a crash in continuous view, which is fixed for 3.6.1. Here are versions saved with continuous view turned off to avoid the crash.

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Thank you so much! I can open it again!
And sorry, I didn't know that this was a known issue, I searched before in the issue tracker but I only found this ticket applicable.
On a side note: Could you edit your comment to remove the "tribal_engel" file? I was told that it is not a good idea to post my yet-unpublished-work on publicly available places... I am still learning :D

Done. But, not sure who told you that - there is no harm whatsoever in posting music to a support forum or issue tracker, and actually the timestamp serves as definitive proof that you possessed the music at certain date. In the extremely unlikely event that a copyright violation ever occurred, pointing to a timestamped Internet post would be an effective bit of evidence.

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