Help adding symbols from master palette in text fields of the inspector

• Jan 21, 2021 - 18:24

Hello Forum,

I have the impression musescore keeps changing how one can add symbols to a line with the help of the master palette (just to give an example). If I select a symbol that I like from the master palette there seems to be no easy way to included as part of the line (see image _1 attached). For example, the right arrow head is actually a character part of bravura which looks nothing like the figure in the master palette (see image_2 attached), or even worse, I have no way of knowing what to type in my keyboard in order to have that symbol. I thought this worked by dragging and dropping at one point, doesn't seem to be the case in 3.6. I also remember typing < sym> xxxxxxx < /sym> and being able to add symbols from the master palette this way, however I have no idea how I would know what to type when master palette doesn't provide that info (visible if one inspect lines such as pedal or others). It would be useful if the master palette could display what to type in the "end text" field or any field for that matter, in order to get the specific character one has chosen. If, in the master palette, I right click on any symbol / properties, no information is given (I would imagine this could be a place to find that information)

I think because musescore includes the fonts with the program, I cannot inspect the symbols it has with tools like fontmatrix or similar. Which makes this even more frustrating.

am I missing something? how do you guys work on such matters?

ps. I was able to fix this particular case, but the issue still stands

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