Play button, mixer and Synthesizer grayed out

• Jan 21, 2021 - 09:16


I recently updated to the latest version of musescore, now my play button is grayed out and notes don't play as I write. The common solution with "view -> synthesizer" is also grayed out.

I've tried restarting the pc, resetting to factory settings, resetting I/O preferences to default, reinstalling an old version of the app. Nothing seems to work.

I work on Mac, Catalina 10.15.6

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tried that, also tried to restart in safe mode and reboot. No luck :c
the midi input button is also grayed out.

I've run every solution attempt from that FAQ section with no improvement, the only option I haven't tried is to update the drivers, since the I/O menu seems empty (see attached screenshot). I have no Idea how to do that on mac tho...

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All of a sudden I'm having the same exact problem. Here are my specs:
OS: macOS 10.16, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34

I've tried absolutely everything on that link to no avail. I recently installed one of the Alpha versions of 4.0 but they were working nicely side by side for at least a week or two. I had an issue with uninstalling some of the Native Instruments plugins, so I think that must be the culprit. The Native Access installer is truly horrible. Are there any other things to look for besides the two processes mentioned in that link?

If there's another place to post this or to email it, please let me know. This has brought my work to a screeching halt this morning.

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One thing in that article to pay special attention to is #9, where we listed some specific info that would help debug the problem on your system. But in this case, knowing you're using Native Instruments gives me a decent guess - probably it has requested, and received, exclusive use of the audio devices. Somehow you'll need to find the macOS option to prevent programs from being able to do that.

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Here's a screenshot of the I/O tab. None of the drop-down menus work or react when I click on them. I appreciate the help, as always. I think I'll contact Native Instruments. I'll be sure to post again here with the solution I find.

Oddly enough, in the process I noticed that the default soundfont was missing from the soundfonts folder. I reinstalled it and it's still not working. I'm pretty sure that I didn't delete that file myself. I can't imagine why I would have.

Anyways, thanks again! Cheers!

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Did you already try finding the "don't allow applications to receive exclusive use of audio" option? I'm around 60% sure that's it.

When you say the soundfont is missing from the soudnfonts folder, do you mean MuseScore's soundfont folder (eg, buried within the application package) or your own personal one (eg, within your Documents/MuseScore3 folder). it's not supposed to be in the latter folder, only the former. If it's missing from there, that is bad, it means someone has been messing with your installation. Who knows what else might have been messed up. If that's actually the case, best to completely uninstall and reinstall MuseScore. But if it's only "missing" from your own personal soundfonts folder, that's correct, so best to delete the extra copy you may have just placed there.

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Ahh, it was missing from the Documents folder. No big deal I suppose.

I can't find how to execute the "don't allow applications to receive exclusive use of audio" option on a Mac. Lots of googling showed me Windows-only solutions. It looks like it is possible for something to hog the CoreAudio driver in Macs. The MS issue is the only thing that won't work on my computer though. Logic Pro X, VCV Rack, Spotify, etc... everything else works.

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