MuseScore Crashes Upon Startup

• Jan 21, 2021 - 03:35

I just recently installed an update for MuseScore 3.6.0 using Help/Check for Updates. The installation process seemed to work, though I had a notification that it couldn't shut down a certain thing that was apparently running, which I bypassed (it wasn't MuseScore, as the Install Wizard had already closed that). Now, however, when I open MuseScore, it asks if I want to restore the previous session. No matter whether I click Yes or No, the program opens, and a few seconds later crashes and closes. If I quickly open a dialogue, such as Open File, it crashes after the dialogue is closed.

Can someone help? I had problems before that were attributed to a bad installation, although they were later found to be due to my error. However, I now wonder if there were indeed errors. I do not wish to reinstall and reupload my soundfonts and then fix all my scores which will have to have their instruments reset, so if anyone can explain what's wrong please do so. Perhaps it was a bug in the update. I did restart my laptop so that the updates could take effect. I am using Windows 10.


I had the same problem just now. Downloaded the 3.6.0 installation and when that was run, the message came that it was going to repair some corrupted files. After that was done, restarted the computer and now the new version Musescore 3.6.0 is running fine.

I am also having this exact issue, but have found nothing that helps yet! Good to know it's not just my laptop screwing it up. Have you found any thing that works?

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