How to stop Auto-Beaming

• Jan 20, 2021 - 20:20

I am looking for a way to turn off the "automatic beaming" when I am working on a piece of music.
I have looked at the Time Signature Properties but I didn't see anything that would "turn off" the auto -beam.
I have looked at the Beam Properties where I can remove the beams, but no "off button."


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This doesn"t look the same in 4.0.2. I have a score with a double time signature: 6/8 and 3/4. You pick the appropriate time signature when playing. I have not been able to get the beaming to work the way I want it. Even changing the time signature mid-score doesn't do it. See the example, where I want the eighth notes to be beamed in pairs. Slurs work OK.

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The dialog shown above hasn't changed at all, nor has the way it works. But, that's for time signature properties, and it's not at all clear that you need that dialog at all. If you add the normal time signature form the palette, the beaming should already be correct right out of the box - you shouldn't need to touch this dialog, or the beam palette or anything else. For instance, in the second measure, you've overriden the standard beaming, but if you just select that measure then Tools / Reset beams, you get the correct beaming restored. Then just don't mess with it. Every 6/8 measure will be beamed 3+3 and every 3/4 as 2+2+2, just as I assume'd want when changing time signatures.

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I don't know what I did to override the standard beaming. Maybe it's because I copied that measure from the score I was entering. But when I select that measure, then Tools, there is no "Reset beams" being offered.
Wait! I found it. It's under Format, not under Tools. Ok, that works.

You don't why you would want this, but if it's because you are working on vocal music and prefer the older styles of not beaming individual syllables but then adding them for melismas etc, an easier solution is to use the Traditional Vocal Beaming plugin, which does this all for you.

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