Musescore repeatedly crashing after 3.6.0 update

• Jan 19, 2021 - 17:37

Eh... that's pretty much the problem in a nutshell. Musescore opens, very briefly and as soon as I try to open a file it crashes. I thought there was something wrong at first when the 'open recent' window didn't open up straightaway.

Need major help here people please.

Running Windows 10. Never had a problem before.


I have the same problem, whether I try to open the last session or not. I went to the URL mentioned in reply, and it said to delete the score the program was trying to open.

It tried to open "Untitled," which obviously (?) doesn't appear in my folder.

What now?

The workaround of using -w works for me, but I've found at least one score that crashes now when I try to load. Is there a solution to recover the file?

Is anyone able to "speak" with a Musescore tech?? This crashing thing is ridiculous. I've reloaded, wiped it off, reloaded again, what??? Musescore needs to post up something.

I have the same problem and I agree that directing to that confusing FAQ page is not as helpful. as it could be.
However it does suggest opening MuseScore with the -w flag. Based on that a workaround that's fairly convenient for me is:

1) Right-click on the MuseScore3 shortcut (default installation puts one on the desktop) to get its 'Properties' page.
2) Under the shortcut tab add ' -w' (without quotes) in the 'Target' field to get
"C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\MuseScore3.exe" -w
3) 'Apply' or 'OK' the change.

Opening MuseScore using the shortcut is now working for me (used five or six times successfully).

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My first ever post and slapped down by JoJo! Like the bad old days on Linux forums - here's a newbie, I smell blood!
I taught psychology students computer modelling for years and I know that if I had told them "try running the program with a -w flag" only 5% of them would have the least idea what I meant, so I tried to give a prescription for editing the shortcut.
And I'm sorry I don't have MuseScore installed on bank of operating systems.
And sorry to have responded to weary thoughtlessness with aggression :)

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The issue is that one of the supporting files is marked as "in use" by the operating system (which seems to happen at least as a consequence of a previous musescore crash), thus preventing the installer from updating it.

As this is an interaction issue between the installer package and the operating system it's not as straightforward and easy to fix.

Same thing happens to me. When i open up musescore 3.6, i get asked if I wanna restore my progress from my last score. When I hit yes, the whole thing closes immediately. Same thing happens when I hit no.

I had a long discussion a month or so ago about repeated crashes on the previous version of Musescore. I was never able to fix it, neither were the guys at the help centre (no fault of their own, just a pig of a problem). Hearing that 3.6 is also crashing dissuades me from even trying it.
The discussions I had with the help guys was often along the lines of me sending them a score. But inevitably when they opened it their system didn't crash. That result didn't help me or them.
It has recently occurred to me that it might be a good thing if someone could investigate the circumstances under which MS crashes after merely pressing the MS button (with no start centre) and unrelated to any particular score. This does happen with me quite often. It MUST relate surely to the core software, not an Musescore file. Investigating this would be easier than interrogating the properties of a particular score? The WIndows log would surely point to something tangible?

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The crash discussed here is completely understood already. It has to do with the installer, not the program itself, and it's the same issue that was discussed with respect to your issue, because it's the same installer. A simple matter of one particular file that could not be updated. You already performed enough tests to determine this is not the problem you are facing, - your problem seems unique and not seen by anyone else, unfortunately. There is always the change updating would happen to fix it though.

I just upgraded to 3.6 and I am having this same problem. I also can't understand all this techo gobblydgoock stuff. All I know is that Musescore no longer opens reliably although sometime it does. (probably about 20% of the time and usually after several tries of messing about with files). The only option I can understand is to reinstall the previous version.

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No change for me from problems with MS 3.5. Musescore 3.6 installed, crashes approx. every 1 in 3 openings. I'm just putting up with it, it's a nuisance. My previous post sort of explains it all and the tech guys have said ,my problem is unique... Unrelated to any particular score.

Same here. Working fine last night but today it will crash whenever I move a note or even try to play the song. Please sort it out.

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No. If it happens with any of the specific scores you tried, simply choose one of them to attach. Unless you are saying it happens even with the default empty score. Even if so, then we'd want to know the exact sequence of steps to reproduce the problem. It might turn out we can't reproduce the issue, that is is actually caused by something else going on unique to your system. But we cannot begin to help without a score and steps to follow.

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