Improved Score message box too large for screen

• Jan 19, 2021 - 16:30

The message box for the 3.6 new font update is enormous, on my laptop, disappearing below the edge of the screen. The box disappears if I try to move it. It may be below the screen - but I can't get to it. Before it disappeared, on several occasions, I did try clicking on Alt & then on the window, to move it, but the pop-up just disappeared. The only way I can view the whole message box is to reduce the screen scale, then restart Musescore with a different score. Then increase the screen scale to normal (at which there is a close to 10mm on screen = 10mm on paper.) I'm not ready to commit myself to the new font etc, and I really do object to having to alter Display settings in order to complete a task - that's just wrong!
Any suggestions?

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This shouldn't happen obviously. I assume you are on WIndows. What is your screen resolution? What font and icon settings in Edit / Preferences / General? Are you using the "-D" command line option or anything else to affect the display in MuseScore?

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I'm getting the same issue on Windows. Every time I try to resize the window, all it does is push it down behind the taskbar, making it irretrievable. I've tried this three times, and have had the same result, meaning that the update, which also exits Musescore after the blue title screen disappears upon normal startup, is unusable at best. I cannot retrieve my A-level music project, which is key to me passing my exam; the version I have saved on the website is an old one, so I direly need to access Musescore to retrieve the newer version, but I can't because of the update issues. Plus I don't have enough experience using Windows to know what my resolution is or how to use a command line. Time is against me and I'm really starting to get stressed and worried about this. What do I do?

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I managed to get round the problem by right clicking on the desktop, the clicking on Display Settings, and then choosing a scale smaller than the current setting. On my laptop, the "recommended" setting is "150%" - which seems really stupid, however, using that, 10mm on the screen is approximately 10mm on a page. (Why they can't scale things correctly within the operating system I do not know.)
When you use a smaller scale - 125% worked for me, just one step smaller - the whole box is visible so you can select a response. But then you'll need to change your scale back to normal, if you want a decent view!
Hope this helps.
I'm using an Acer Swift laptop, running Windows 10, with all the updates, as of a week or so ago.

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I'm using Windows 10, on an Acer Swift i7 laptop. The Recommended Scale setting is 150%, which gives a near 1:1 screen to printed page view (that this is the case seems ridiculous to me, but...). If I set the scale to 125% I can see the whole pop-up. But then I'd need to set every other program to give a magnified view, so I have to revert to 150%.
My screen resolution is 1920 x 1080.
I'm not sure what you mean by "-D", but I am using the standard settings, and I haven't tried using the update on Linux yet - I know of command line options on that system, but generally use standard settings there too.
As for the Edit/Preferences/General - I think the only change I made there was to make the icons and text smaller - but I could be wrong about that, as I did fiddle with those details a few months ago.
Thank you.

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Well, it is also about screen size for sure, so similar settings as mentioned above would apply.

Although with this dialog (and in 3.6) you can grab the borders and drag it smaller, scroll bars should then show

BTW: here it doesn't matter at all what computer you're on, what does matter is the screen size and settings

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