MuseScore 3.6 requires sudo to open on Ubuntu 20.04

• Jan 18, 2021 - 17:29

I am a first time MuseScore user but fairly experienced linux user. For some reason that I can't figure out, MuseScore seems to require superuser level (sudo) permissions to open properly. This happens with the app-image before or after installing. Is this expected behavior?


For reference, when I run the program without sudo (from the command line), it just outputs


and exits.

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I did chmod a+x the AppImage before running it from the command line in my Downloads folder. Without sudo, I see a splash screen that never does anything if I double click (or just the 2 lines of text if I run from command line. With sudo, everything works exactly as I would expect. I also tried installing which seems not to have changed the behavior at all.

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Wouldn't hurt to make writable for group or other I guess although it sure doesn't seem like it should be necessary. Make sure also there are write permissions for .config etc, and don't already have a write-protected folder Documents since MuseScore wants to create one. But I'm not really that experienced with Linux. Really just grasping at straws here. Hopefully some else can help further if this doesn't get your sorted.

I am using Ubuntu 20.04 too. But I do not need sudo.
Maybe some of your musescore folders got root ownership somehow?

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