Note-anchored lines: "Allow diagonal" checkbox is acting weird

• Jan 17, 2021 - 03:25

I am creating a line above some notes using add > lines > note anchored line.

The Allow diagonal checkbox in the inspector is working incorrectly in 3.6 (installed today but I haven't tried in an unstable build)

Expected/previous behaviour
1. I uncheck Allow diagonal, and the line is forced to be horizonal (endpoint y value is set to equal startpoint value)
2. The endpoints are now at fixed height and I can move it up and down and side to side but I cannot adjust endpoint independently from startpoint. (i.e. the line is forced to be horizontal)
3. I check Allow diagonal, and now I can adjust the y axis position of the end-points indep from one another (i.e. the line is allowed to be diagonal)

What actually happens:
1. I uncheck Allow diagonal (which used to make the line horizontal in a previous version)
2. The start- and endpoints are now at fixed non-equal height and I cannot adjust them make line horizontal.
3. I check Allow diagonal, and now I can adjust the y axis position of the end-points but unchecking makes it diagonal again.

Example attached

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I don't think the note anchored line was designed to handle unchecking that option - by definition, these lines are supposed to follow the noteheads. If you want a plain horizontal line, just use a standard one.

That said, we should probably remove the checkbox, or ignore it, or popup an error dialog, or otherwise behave more reasonably if someone does try to disable it.

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I think I've discovered that this was partly user error - I was trying to add just a standard line, but didn't see it initially in the pallette. I think it was hidden, but eventually on a different post someone pointed out to me that it existed and that it was different from the note-anchored line.

Because I couldn't find it in the pallette (user error) I went to the menu: add > lines. and the only options are slur, cres, decres, 8va alta, and 8va bassa, and note anchored line, so I thought "note anchored line" was a fancy name for "just a line".

Thanks for clarifying. I'm not sure how common it is that people would want a standard line - I'm doing something less common.

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" it's the note anchored line that is fairly uncommon, especially because most people never discover it in the menu"

Indeed, but by the way, why has this line - it's a line after all not a frame eg (!), I know that it has been neglected, even almost forgotten for a long time since version 2! - was never installed in the Lines palette?
Would she have anything to be ashamed of? :)

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I think originally, adding lines fromt he palette didn't allow you to select both endpoints, so there would have been no way to implement it that way until the palette code was rewritten to allow that.

Now that it's possible to have it in the palette, my guess is that the only reason it hasn't happened is that even most developers forget about the existence of this line, and whenever the subject comes up, someone worries it would be too confusing to have two identical-looking lines in the palette.

I'm sure that's a solvable problem too of course.

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