Getting Chinese character instead of note value in tempo marking

• Jan 17, 2021 - 00:32

After installing MuseScore, I opened Reunion. Most things seem fine, except for the tempo marking. Instead of a quarter note, I get a Chinese character. This is on Windows 10, MuseScore 3.5.2.


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I experienced this problem a few months ago, what found my issue was that I was copy and pasting tempo markings, perhaps that is what you are doing? What I do now is either use the default tempo markings, or editing/adding text, type in the text I want (e.g. "Adagio Appassionata"), and go to special characters (bottom leftmost corner) to add the beat I want (e.g. quarter note) while still in the text box. Hopes this helps!

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There wouldn't normally be anything in the Start Center until you had opened it previously - it's a list of recent files. So I guess maybe you opened the one from the demos directory recently? Anyhow, that file you attached opens fine for me, regardless of which options I choose in the import dialog as far as I can tell, but feel free to tell me which you chose so I can be sure to try that combination.

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It does appear that I see these occasional Chinese characters in many scores I open. Interestingly, I don't see it when I add a tempo marking to my own scores, so fortunately, it isn't affecting what I'm trying to do much.

I wonder if there is something specific about my Windows machine that would be causing this.

It seems as if this has to do with the font face="ScoreText" in the tempo markings
and the copy&paste behaviour between tempo markings.

  1. copy&paste loses the special font face="ScoreText"
    Reproducible as follows:
    Edit a tempo marking, adding a special character (e.g. a quarter not) with the "alpha" symbol from the toolbar.
    Copy & paste the special character to another tempo marking.
    Save the file as .mscx (or as .mscz and then find the contained/compressed .mscx file) and open it in an editor.
    In a text editor, one sees that the special character is saved with the font face="ScoreText", but only in the places where it was inserted natively with the "alpha" symbol.
    In placed where the tempo marking was copy&pasted, it does not use the special font face.
    Example: "Reunion" score
    <text> <b>Andante con moto (</b><font face="ScoreText"/><b><font face="FreeSerif"/> = 120)</b></text></pre>
    <text>Andante con moto ( = 120)</text>

  2. Special characters with missing font face="ScoreText" can look strange
    I have two computers with the same Musescore version 3.2.3 on Ubuntu 20.04.
    Despite the exact same version, one of them shows the special characters without the font face "ScoreText" incorrectly (e.g. chinese characters), while the the other one still shows them correctly.
    I have no idea what could cause the difference.

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Same situation like in my last comment.
It works fine when I insert a tempo marking from the tempo palette or if I insert a note as a special character (with the "alpha symbol") into an existing tempo marking.
Only when copy&pasting between different tempo markings, the quarter notes etc. get broken.

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It's "normal" that copy & paste of special symbols within text elements doesn't work. No formatting of any kind - font changes, etc - is copied unless the full text element is copied.

By "normal" I mean, not that we think it's ideal, but it's a known limitation. So if the only problem you are having is that known limitation, plus one particular older score for whatever reason not displaying correctly either (I suspect you have an incompatible version of FreeSerif installed), then I think we can consider the matter closed.

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My guess is Ubuntu is hopeless behind the times, which is one reason we always recommend not using the repository but instead always getting the current version of MuseScore directly from this site (the AppImage). But issues with how these third-party builds like those in the repositories handle fonts is another reason - it's one of the ore common errors in those builds in my experience. Most likely, getting the official current version will solve these and other issues too.

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True. My guess is that as suggested previously, you have/had an incompatible version of a font installed on your system - perhaps FreeSerif, since that was the default font used in 3.5.2. So deleting the incompatible version of FreeSerif from your system - or updating it to the same version as MuseScore uses internally - would presumably fix it. Also, we asked some time ago for you to tell us the specific options you chose when importing that file into 3.6.2, but I don't think we ever heard back. If you're still experiencing the problem, be sure to let us know, that might help us understand what the issue is that you are experiencing.

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