Clicking "Reset all styles to default" while Concert Pitch is on causes messes up Concert Pitch (see description)

• Jan 16, 2021 - 17:58
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  1. Open a score you previously made in a version older than 3.6 which makes use of Concert Pitch (must have been on last time you closed the score). Click the buttons to update the fonts.
  2. Go to Format > Style and click "Reset all styles to default."
  3. Notice that Concert Pitch is still on and the notes themselves remain the same, but the key signatures have changed to what they would be if Concert Pitch was off.
    The way to prevent this is to make sure Concert Pitch is OFF before doing Step 2.


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Ouch, good catch! You don't need the score to have been created in an earlier version, this is easily reproducible from scratch as well.

1) new score for wind quartet
2) make sure it is in concert pitch mode
3) add a key signature and notes
4) reset styles to default

You'll see the Concert Pitch is turned back off (because that is indeed the default), and the notes for the clarinet part are transposed properly, but the key signature is not.

This is not a regression - it was the same in 3.5.2, except the command to reset styles was in the Format menu itself rather than in the dialog. But it's definitely more serious of an issue now that we are advocating people use this command as a way of taking advantage of the new 3.6 features.

Title In 3.6, clicking "Reset all styles to default" while Concert Pitch is on causes messes up Concert Pitch (see description) Clicking "Reset all styles to default" while Concert Pitch is on causes messes up Concert Pitch (see description)
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I propose excluding concert pitch from the list of styles actually reset. We do this for the page settings as it is, which are technically styles as well. I also propose doing it for multimeasure rests. Those are the settings you don't really think of wanting to reset, and ones MuseScore actually manages specially anyhow (with a toolbar button for concert pitch, and special handling of these when generating parts).

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Fixed in branch 3.x, commit e0e49f6877

_fix #315638: wrong key signature on reset styles with concert pitch


This is not a new regression, but the reset styles command
was undiscovered by most users prior to 3.6,
when it was mvoed the style dialog and promoted
as the way to convert old scores to the new style defaults.
The original issue was that the reset of concert pitch
back to the default (off) didn't update key signatures.
But I suggest, people don't really think of this as a style anyhow,
and we already treat it specially by giving it a toolbar button,
managing it specially when generating parts, etc.
And there is potentially information lost on toggling concert pitch
(enharmonic spelling adjustments, etc).

So this commit doesn't actually attempt to fix the key signatures.
Instead, it simply adds concert pitch to the list of styles to ignore
when doing the reset.
This will better match user expectations and less the risk of damage.
For similar reasons, I am adding multimeasure rests to the ignore list.
It also is managed specially by MuseScore already,
doing so again here is actually quite consistent
and I think very much in line with user expectations -
especially when thinking about parts where it was enabled automatically
and the user might not even know how to re-enable them after reset._

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