MuseScore Automatic Go-To-Top During Playback

• Jan 16, 2021 - 02:34

I am trying to observe a section of my orchestral score near the bottom (the violins) during playback, but the program continually fights me and scrolls me back to the top whenever it goes onto a new measure. It has done this in the past, and has not, but it is doing it now, which is really annoying. Is there a way to get around this, so it only moves me horizontally and not vertically?


If by "top" you mean the top of the system, this happens when the system is too big to fit on screen and MuseScore isn't sure which staff you want to follow. If there is only one system per page, we just keep the same page position so it mostly works - we do indeed move horizontally and not vertically. But if there are multiple systems on the page, we have to move vertically or you wouldn't see additional systems after the current one. So, we just have to guess where you want to focus. Continuous view indeed solves this, by making sure there is only one system.

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It doesn't do it anymore even though it did it at first. Weird. Well, anyhow, I'll leave it in page view then, but thanks for the help nonetheless. I'll try continuous view if it does it again.

By top I meant the top of the page. It's a full orchestral score, so if system is equivalent for one line of music containing all the instruments, there's only one per page.

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