Updating to New Version (3.6)

• Jan 15, 2021 - 15:56

Hello...hello...hello... Usually in MuseScore you are able to check for updates under the help drop window. Or, you can go under edit - preferences - updates. However, everything to do with updates seems to be gone from these windows. Is this still the way to update MuseScore?


The automatic update has not yet been enabled (and may not happen for 3.6 at all, but wait for 3.6.1, possibly). Manual update is always possible by just downloading it from the download or announcement page

And to further elaborate, those update functions are still available within MuseScore, but may depend on which flavor you're using.
If you (for example) installed the Microsoft Store version, then the update function within MuseScore is indeed missing, as updates are expected to happen via the Microsoft Store.

I believe the AppImage is also lacking the update functionality.

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