Is it possible to support for font pairs (for Latin and East Asian text)

• Jan 14, 2021 - 06:44

I've been using MuseScore to record some songs and music, and it has been great help to me. Some of the scores has Chinese language titles and lyrics, and some even have both Chinese and English within. The default MuseScore font doesn't support Chinese language, and the Chinese characters will appear kind of strange. But if I set the fonts to what supports Chinese language, usually the English letters would appear very ugly.

Is it possible to define font pairs in MuseScore, so both languages can be supported with one font pair? A latin langauge font and a East Asian language font can be appointed in the font pair.

In Microsoft Word, we have Theme Fonts, where one can choose fonts for latin/East Asian language in titles/body text. In Adobe InDesign, we can set combined fonts, which is a fusion of two or more fonts, for different subsets of characters, and then use it like a single font in the document.

Thank you for your attention!


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Indeed - perhaps something like would do the trick?

FreeSerif contains the character sets for more languages than Edwin does, so might be a solution for certain combinations, though I don't believe it has Chinese characters either. (I imagine the number of fonts that handle both Roman and Chinese script is pretty small, though I admit this isn't my area of expertise.)

It is certainly possible to extend Edwin with other character sets in the future, though that's a large an ongoing project.

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They are basically the same in regard of CJK characters. The CJK characters are displayed in other two fonts in a random style... You can see in the attached picture (of a file created with MuseScore 3.6 RC File|New... command) that some Chinese characters are displayed in a Serif font and some in a Sanserif font. I don't know the mechanism of such font substitution.

Earlier I just came up with the idea of appointing Latin and CJK fonts separately by using a font pair/combined font, but I know usually only pro typesetting software are supposed to do that.

Right now I'm using a Chinese serif font that has relatively acceptable Latin character design. And I can always turn to Microsoft YaHei only if I can accept Sanserif font.

Thanks again for your time Jojo-Schmitz:)

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