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• Jan 13, 2021 - 04:12

I am using version 3.5.2 in Windows 10. I pressed "clear recent files" in the hope that musescore would ask me which files (because I have a bunch of older ones that are just taking up space) or at least if I'm sure I want to clear them, but unfortunately it just cleared them all, including the latest version of what I've been working on for over 3 months. I really wish I hadn't pressed it. Is there ANYBODY who can help me? PLEASE.


MuseScore doesn't work any differently than other programs. You will have to reopen the files as you do for text images etc. to get the new recent file list.

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I think what's being referred to is the MuseScore documents file on your computer. Go to Documents > MuseScore [Version]>Scores. You'll find there the .mszc backups for your scores. Once you locate this file, rename it and remove the dot and the comma. You should be able to open the resulting file in MuseScore.

Refer to for a further explanation.

If for some reason the files are indeed not there, and not just in your recent files list, open File Explorer and type in the .mszc ending to see if they've been stored somewhere else.

If you can't find them and you've not backed up your files, then perhaps either the Recuva or Pandora free recovery software might work if you run it for the C drive, but that's a long shot. Please check these programs for malware and so forth before downloading them. I have no idea if they are safe to use these days.


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But NO!!!
There is NOTHING to restore here!

Clear recent files ONLY remove the NAMES of the files from the recent file shortcut menu that's all.

So all you need to do is click on open and that will open a dialog where you can select the files from the disk.
As you would have to do for any file no more in the recent list, list cleared or not.

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OP: ". . .but unfortunately it just cleared them all, including the latest version of what I've been working on for over 3 months. I really wish I hadn't pressed it. . . Thanks again, but what is the mscz file folder? I can't find what I'm looking for anywhere." I think Shoichi and I felt it would be good for the OP to be aware of where the files are actually stored in case the OP thought those files had actually been deleted (or if, for some reason, they had) and not just from the recent files list. But you were right to point out the recent files list function again.

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Use the menu File->Open to open the default location for your scores, they're still on the computer and do not need to be restored. All you did was clear the recent file list. If you haven't changed where you open or save files then they should all be in the directory that opens with File->Open. If they are somewhere else, you are going to need to use your file manager for your computer to find them. On my windows 10 system I can actually search the entire hard drive for all .mscz files from the File->Open menu option.

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O.P.: "Thanks again, but what is the mscz file folder?" Probably a good idea the O.P. knows where the files actually are and understands the difference between clearing his recent files list and clearing his folder.

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To the O.P.: A good idea is to backup your Scores file in the MuseScore folder to an external hard drive at the end of each session if you don't have a backup utility doing that for you already. Then you know you have everything saved off the computer in case it crashes. Hope it all works out!


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