Unable to map 'N'ote input mode to any UMX61 MIDI keyboard button in MuseScore v3.5.2 under OSX 10.11.3

• Jan 11, 2021 - 05:53

This is a fairly minor annoyance but I'm wondering whether anyone else has seen it, or whether it's just a foible of my rig (UMX61 keyboard, MuseScore v3.5.2 under OSX 10.11.3).

I have mapped my UMX61 keyboard with its various buttons to MIDI control in MuseScore via Preferences-Note input-MIDI Remote Control and can map all the allocated messages (Rewind, Play, Minim etc. etc.) that appear in the window to keys apart from 'Note Input' (N on keyboard).

No matter which button on the UMX61I try to assign to put MuseScore into 'Note Input' mode, MuseScore appears to ignore it. Not a huge issue (I can just press 'N' on the keyboard to toggle note mode), but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience. I found a few topics in the Support Forum, but couldn't search for one that represented this problem directly.

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