Odd issue with exporting

• Jan 10, 2021 - 23:16

So I made a small song using the MOTHER 3 soundfont and that obnoxious airhorn sound. When i jumped through the several hoops to get it as an MP3 file, the instruments hardly sounded like what they were supposed to. Will this be fixed in MuseScore 4?


Shouldn't even be necessary to save to score - direct export from MsueScore should work out of the box. No hoops necessary, it's as simple as File / Export. In order to understand what unique properties of your particular score are causing this to not work, we'd need you to attach it here.

Or maybe by "hoops" you mean, you tried to upload to the score sharing website musescore.com and then download from there? This indeed won't work, unless you check the "Upload score audio" box within the "Save Online" dialog. But that's definitely taking the long end run around if you were were really just trying to export an MP3 from MuseScore.

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