Tremolos Overshrinked

• Jan 7, 2021 - 19:16

I just noticed that in my orchestral score all tremolos had been shrinked, through trial and error i figured it may be becuase i lowered the stave scale, but now they are unreadable!
I can't find any way around so I hope it gets fixed in the next update :)

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I guess you are for some reaosn changing the scale of the individual staves rather than simply changing the overall scale for the entire score? I can confirm the bug in that case, but the solution is simple, don't change staff scales individually but instead do it globally (Format / Page Settings). Doing that properly will also fix the issue I see with your score having brackets way too big - they don't scale with individual staves, but with the score.

Meanwhile, do go ahead and submit the bug to the issue tracker so it can be considered for some future release anyhow. Be sure to attach your actual score (a small excerpt will be sufficient), not just a picture.

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