Musescore changes my slurs when I am not looking

• Jan 6, 2021 - 06:15

I have modified a number of slurs in my score (changed spacing, dragged edit dots around) partly because I figured out how to make my slurs into the half-step symbol by criss-crossing the two upper corners and creating a point. I was pretty proud of my solution to the lack of half-step symbols in musescore (which I understand, it's really just a pedagogical string thing). I saved my score, closed out and when I reopened it, what do you know, they've been turned back into regular slurs. In addition to this I had changed the color for my half-step symbols to grey. When I reopened my score the inspector window still identifies them as grey, but they have clearly reverted back to the solid black color.
Is there something I can do to prevent this from happening when I close my score? Does this have something to do with the automatic placement being on..? I can't quite figure out why that would affect the color though... Weirder still, I cut and pasted a section of music with one of my un-done half-step symbols from this score to another. In the new score it does appear to be grey, but the shape is still normal (not as I had modified it.) I will upload my score below. If you want to see the modified slurs I am talking about you can look on page 38 for an example in the hymn from Finlandia. If you click on that slur you will see that inspector identifies it as grey. Before I last saved and closed the score it was a grey pointy half-step symbol, not a slur. It took a long time to modify all those symbols so I'm kind of sad the work didn't 'stick.' But more importantly, before I do the work again I want to make sure I can prevent it from reverting back to original slur formatting.

Just because I know this is likely to be suggested: I do not want to create a symbol and import it in as an image because, like a slur, it is nice to be able to have the half-step symbol connect to the note- heads at whatever angle or distance that might require. If somebody ever felt like adding in a half-step symbol function, it would be amazing to have one that functioned kind of like a slur: with three drag- dots (I don't know what they are called) as opposed the slur's 5.

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Autoplace shouldn't prevent manual adjustments from being saved or restored. The only thing I can think of that could get in the way is if a slur continues across system breaks so there are two separate portions you have edited separately, and then later the score is edited so it's all on one system, and then it isn't possible to honor both sets of edits (or conversely if it was previously on one system and now it's on two). There isn't much that could be done in such cases.

I note you are using an older version of MuseScore, first step should be to update as you never know when a bug might have been fixed - but, I'm not aware of any older release that didn't save manual adjustments to slurs.

I can confirm, however, that 3.5.2 still shows that one slur (for me Finlandia is on page 40) as being black even though the Inspector says it should be gray. I do suspect this is somehow related to the issue I mentioned of slurs continued across systems, even if that doesn't appear to the the case here. Slurs and other lines actually have two components (at least): the slur itself, and individual "slur segments" for each system that the slur covers. A slur that exists on a single system has only a single segment; a slur on two systems has two, etc. There have been bugs every once in a while where some property that should be applied to the individual slur segment instead gets applied only to the main slur, and that seems to be the case with the color here. Somehow, the information about the segment is gone - it wasn't recorded in the file. So the slur itself is marked as gray, but there should have also been information marking the segment as gray, and that isn't there. And the segment info is also where those shape adjustments would have been.

I have no idea how that might have happened, but am guessing some sort of editing operations somehow caused the info to get lost. If you ever figure out steps to reproduce this issue, let us know, then we can investigate how to fix it.

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