Missed notes/chords with “.mid” file on player piano

• Jan 5, 2021 - 19:36
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1) Add repetitive notes/chords to a measure (any stave). Note length doesn't matter. Problem is not speed related. On playback of .mid file, the first note is played, but the rest of the repetitive notes in the measure are missed. The piano key moves, but the note is not sustained long enough for the key to hit the piano string. Workaround is to add a pause between each repetitive note/chord. Workaround causes notes to be staccato, which doesn't sound correct.


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Thank you for the response. I read how to fix this, but it's a bit beyond my software capabilities. Sound like I need to create a new instrument.xml that changes the articulation from 95 to 100. Can you provide me with instruction on how to do that? I don't even know where the instrument.xml file is located, or how to modify it. Any advise is appreciated.

Under Windows it is in C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\instruments\instrument.xml (but you'd need to specify it in Edit > Preferences > Score, otherwise MuseScore used a builtin copy of that)

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That 95 though is by design. It does not result in missed notes, just in notes that are slightly shorter (by 5%) than the full duration, to avoid a legato effect. Or to allow for a (subtle) legato effect in presences of slurce

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Thank you for the explanation. So, if repetitive notes are being missed, I need to make the gateTime shorter? Maybe 90 instead of 95?

Sounds like I can modify a mscz file instead of the instruments file, which sounds less risky to me. I downloaded Notepad++ and tried to open a mscz file. It opens, but I can't read it. Do I need to convert it somehow?

.mscz files are zipped. You can open them with 7-Zip, WinRAR or any other program that supports ZIP files and extract the .mscx file to edit it. Alternatively, you can simply rename it from .mscx to .zip to open it with Windows Explorer.