Musescore 4 Design Input

• Jan 4, 2021 - 00:47

So, the design in Musescore 4 is absolutely incredible, but one thing about it really bugs me. The eye button rather than a normal check box. It's just really weird and it's unclear at first glance what it actually does. Why not use normal check boxes? It looks way better and it's super clear what it does, so it's not as easy to overlook by mistake


I think the "eye ball" icon is more suited base on the context that it is presented compare to the current Musescore 4 UI. It visually and clearly tells the user which instruments are presented on the score and which are not. The check box has a visual arbitrary meaning; a user may believe that an unchecked instrument will be muted on playback, which is not the case.

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hmm I don't want to be judgemental about the Musescore 4 UI choices right now because, one, it is still in development and as far as I know they may be experimenting with multiple options for logical reasons, and two, I may not like something simply because I am not used to seeing it or I haven't seen it in its completed context; but, if I was to float on your boat, I would suggest to widen the inner circle of the eye to over lap the lid a bit so the icon would look more like a relaxed eye:


and less like this:



..... I'm just saying .....

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