Webinar on Efficiency in MuseScore

• Jan 3, 2021 - 05:37

Hello all!

This Saturday, Jan. 9th at 2PM EST (1900 GMT) I am hosting a (free) webinar about increasing efficiency in Musescore! I will be discussing:
-Using shortcuts (I will be working through the worksheet linked below)
-Using tools (Implode/Explode, regroup rhythms, etc.), plugins (Action Chains, Prune Stack)
-Creating macros (in AutoHotKey, but also will be discussing general techniques for Keyboard Maestro, etc.)
-Using templates and style files

I will also be doing an arranging demonstration to show my workflow with AutoHotKey.

All are welcome! Here is the link to sign up:


(If this post in inappropriate/too much self-promotion I will happily take it down.)

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I would think this is all about promoting MuseScore. Glad to see it and I hope a lot of people see this and attend.

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That's my goal - I want to show that anything Finale/Sibelius/Dorico is capable of doing MuseScore can do as well, while being free. MuseScore is maligned in professional circles as "amateur," and I would like to do my part to change that! While other notation softwares certainly have their place, MuseScore's accessibility to all is what I think it makes it so powerful.

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