Y offset of lyrics is not uniform

• Dec 31, 2020 - 05:21

I want to cut and paste a song from a score that I had written in MuseScore 2 into a new score in MuseScore 3, so I opened the original score in MS3 so that I could cut from it. When I had written the original score in MS2 I messed with the X offset of some of the lyrics, but did not alter any Y offsets. Upon opening this score in MS3 the Y offsets of the lyrics were all funky. Seemingly random syllable selections were offset at Y: 4.30sp while others were offset at Y: 1.00sp. When I cut and pasted the song into a new score, the same offset jumble occurred. So I went to style, lyrics, and changed the 'position below' Y value... but this only appeared to affect some of the lyrics in the score (only those of one of the two offsets, the rest stayed in their original Y places). Does anyone know what might be going on here and how I could make the lyrics uniform again? Thanks!


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Sorry, never mind, I actually just figure out that I could fix it with 'select all similar elements.' I just tend to use the settings in 'Style' more and that wasn't changing all of the lyrics offsets, only about half of them. If you want to see what was happening you can try it in the score I attached, but I was able to fix it another way so it's not an issue now.

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There are two different style settings for lyrics - be for odd numbered verses, on for even. But for the offset, it shouldn't matter.

Not sure what you are trying to do in your example, but you have manual offset overrides applied to some lyrics but not others. First step in fixing it would be to select all lyrics then hit Ctrl+R to return them to their default position. And then they should all respond to subsequent style changes.

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