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• Dec 30, 2020 - 22:47


I'd like to hide the stems that appear below tablature.

I tried 'select all similar elements' - delete - didn't work. I can make them smaller, one at a time by selecting them, tried doing that with 'select all elements' and it didn't work.

Looked through this and didn't find anything: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/tablature

Any way to do this?



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Thanks Mike, much appreciated!

One more, while you're here:

I'm using a lyrics line to show chord names and in the flat keys I've been trying to copy/paste so I don't have to enter the 'special character' every time and it doesn't seem to want to do that. No problem with the letter, but the flat/sharp symbol doesn't show .... any clues?


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Don't use lyrics, use chord symbols (ctrl+k) and use b for flat, and # (the number symbol) for sharp and the chord symbol algorithm will make the replacement automatically. If you want them under the staff. Select one and press X then open the inspector (F8) and press the S to the right of Placement, which should say below.

See https://musescore.org/en/handbook/chord-symbols for entering chord symbols and https://musescore.org/en/handbook/playback-chord-symbols-nashville-numb… for info on playing back (or not) chord symbols.

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I started off doing that.

I have 3 staffs - one vocal, one piano, one bass, and then I duplicate it and have a page that shows guitar tab where the piano was.

I have the NNS above the staff, and it's convenient for my layout to show chord names below, because it also happens to name the note the bass is playing.

When I was trying to mix the 1st one, I couldn't mute the piano, took me a while to figure out that the automatic chord thing was on. When I found the setting via preferences, I read that the default is 'off' but for some reason, it wasn't. I definitely never enabled that, but it was on.

I'm making these things for students, and I'd rather not have to explain how to get there through preferences>advanced>score/harmony/play - if their's isn't shut off. So I figured if I used the lyrics to show chords, would never be an issue.


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The default for chord symbol playback is on for new scores, off for scores created prior to when the feature was implemented. You can customize those defaults, however, in Edit / Preferences / Advanced, as documented in the Handbook in the referenced articles. You don't need your students to do any of that, though. Just set the chords how you want them, save the score, and your settings will be honored. That is, if you save a score and chord symbol playback is off, it stays off.

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Hey Marc,
Having trouble with the chord symbol playback again.
I have three staffs, voice, piano and bass.
When I enter the chord symbols connected to the bass, there doesn't seem to be a way to shut them off.
I didn't select NSS for the chords above the vocal line, just typed numbers and it doesn't recognize them (that's what I want).
Haven't tried entering them using the piano, doesn't work with the page layout I want, I like them naming the bass note.

There are two in MuseScore>Preferences>Advanced.
score/harmony/play/disableCompatibility - This one is clear says 'default is checked—no playback'
score/harmony/play/disableNew - I've tried it both ways.

While we're here, one more and that should do it for a while. :-)

Some of the tunes are 4/4 - some are 3/4 and I want them to hear the metronome clicking eighths as well as quarter notes.

No problem with 4/4, just call it 8/8 and it's fine.

When I select 6/8 for the waltzes it accents the 1st and 4th eighth notes - it's in time but usually kinda awkward.

Any way to make that go away?


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The internal metronome is hard-coded depending on 2/3/4-beat and tempo to generate its ticks.
My advice would be to add a woodblock instrument to your score and write the "metronome" out on it: write a single measure, select it and press and hold R to replicate across the score. Then make the instrument invisible (Edit → Instruments).

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