Create a custom clef/staff definition with individual assignments for each letter.

• Dec 30, 2020 - 02:54
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hello i would like to suggest a create a clef button...just let me lay out the 4 strings to the 5 bars and i can use musescore much easier by creating my own custom clefs (i will still use the instruments but i need to make a custom signature)


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Can you explain what you mean in more detail? What strings? Note the staff type change element already allows you to customize the mapping of staff lines to pitch.

Not sure I fully understand the request but, like RufusPManne, I too would like to see custom clefs.

I want to include a custom clef for a proprietary system of violin tablature, and a clef for a proprietary system of guitar tablature. I have them already designed in SVG.


i'm not sure if it is already implemented
i just want to press create a clef button (then a 5 bar comes up and i enter the letters to the lines and spaces, thus creating a custom i would pick the bottom line and put e, then another letter to the middle line....i also want to be able to make clefs that don't have other letters/make those notes...thus making it easier to compose //with ficticious instruments that don't exist or instruments that might have existed with custom design (E f G a B d D f E) (A b D c C F g E) or anything i can try to would basically ALLOW ME TO CUSTOMLY assign a note to each space and line and omit or reserve the unwanted notes (sharps and flats might not be included to keep it simple) The reason I ask is because i started just typing out the music from my head and it should be on an easier appearance instead of the common orchestra appearance...the clef wouldn't be a drawing but a layout of the letters so you can read from the left and then play...the notes and the strings would virtually be the same and not change the way you play your instrument just the way you read the piece would be different (don't confuse yourself and forget how to play your instrument haha) but this is a computer and you should be able to do whatever you want with it if you want to assign all A notes to a staff where every note is an A then you would compose the A chart...i know its a weird request but it would help me compose or input musical data at a faster rate if i could see and control what i'm doing (i am just using my mouse most of the time) and also i never had a very good trained ear

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Title Create a clef Create a custom clef/staff definition with individual assignments for each letter.

That sounds like way more than a custom clef, it's a complete custom staff with custom line assignments.

Chances are for any real world case you might be interested in, it's already possible to do the job using the techniques I mentioned, also the existing "fix to line" facility. I recommend starting a thread on the forum where many more people will see, and describe in more detail the actual result you would like to see - like, a scan of a hand drawing of the actual music you'd like to write and a description of what each note should sound lilke.