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• Dec 29, 2020 - 00:06

So, one thing that Dorico does really well is popovers. For example, you can type "CMD + D" for a dynamic popover and you can just type whatever dynamic you want, including dynamic combinations, such as "mp < f" for mezzo-piano crescendoing to forte. On top of that, it's linked to Dorico's palettes system, which I don't know the name for.

It would be pretty great if this could be added to Musescore at some point, but maybe with a graphical palette popup rather than the text-based system in Dorico. it's a much faster and more efficient method for adding score elements

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Agreed. I think the graphical palette popup is a very good idea, and an input field could also be included for the text-based system, for the folks who want to use the mouse as little as possible.

I really would love Dorico-style popovers in MuseScore, but I have a different idea of how they should look and work.

I personally don't like that you have to memorise the different popovers in Dorico, but they have gone that route because they need the ability to disambiguate. For example, there are a few different things that "g" could mean (chord symbol, key signature, G clef, etc...) so they give you a few different types of popover and whichever one you type "g" into, a different thing happens.

I think popovers would be more elegant if there was just one popover type (maybe on Ctrl+Space) which behaved more like the autocompletion you get in a code editor, like so:

musescore popover 1.png

Whatever you type is interpreted however it can be and the various things you could have meant appear just below the box. This means you get to see exactly what your input is going to do and if it is ambiguous then multiple options are presented and you choose whichever thing you meant. I think this way is more intuitive and discoverable than what Dorico does.

(this is just an example to illustrate the point, I'm not sure those should be the priority of things "g" responds to, but anyway you get the idea.)

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