A useful palette for general punctuation signs

• Dec 28, 2020 - 22:02

If you deal with songtexts, you will need special punctuation signs as musescore does not convert simple quotation marks or apostrophes into typographical ones.

The first three symbols are the quotation marks („“ ”). In Germany, we use these ones „“ for direct speech, in the English-speaking word, you use these ones: “”. The next sing is the non-breaking hyphen (‑). If you ever create a song about it, you will need it😁. The next sign is the typographical apostrophe (’), which you need more often in English than in German. The next sign is the ellipsis (…), which is practical if you just type the first words of a chorus. The last two signs are the em - dashes (– ―), I used the forst one (–) in the Hauptsatzkantate.

IYou can download this very palette on your computer and you are free to edit it.

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