chords track name in mixer is confusing (documentation issue?)

• Dec 18, 2020 - 18:37

A minor documentation bug (i think).
I'm using MuseScore- and had the same problem with MuseScore-
I can enter lettered chords just fine and they show up above the stave, and they play back great (once i enabled them).
I want to independently adjust the volume of the chords and the first stave.
According to…
I should find a track in the mixer labelled as "chord syms" but i see instead -arco, -pizzacato, -tremulo and -harmony .
I eventually figured out that -harmony adjusted the chords.
Perhaps someone could update the above mentioned webpage? and/or change the name in the mixer to be more obvious?
Thanks so much for all your excellent work!


Very important

  1. Click on the "Show channels" arrow to display all the child tracks for that part.

A picture is worth a thousand words though.

Indeed, the Handbook is incorrect, the channel is called "harmony". I think there was a plan at one point to change it but that never happened? Assuming this is just how it is, the Handbook should be updated.

Well, the original name and text in the source code is "harmony", but it gets translated into "Chord syms.", even for "English (US)". And prior to releasing 3.5.2 it had been forgotten to include those updated translations... you should be able to do so now though.

I've now amended that the handbook to mention both possibilities.

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Thanks for amending the handbook.
I tried changing the language from "System" to English(US) and also hit the update translations button and it still says -harmony in the mixer ... i'm wondering if there is something wrong with the translation mechanism since you say it should be translated... am i missing out on anything else that should have been translated?
Not really worried about it :~)
I'm running version 3.5.2 ... i also tried it with the 3.6 beta (on a throwaway copy of my file) and same thing.

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