Samsung tablet and S - Pen support

• Dec 17, 2020 - 10:57

Hi, I have a simple question: does Musescore support the S-Pen with a Samsung android tablet? I'm planning to get the Samsung Tab 6 Lite if it does.
By support I mean can I create and edit scores? IT will probably used mostly for editing and annotating rather than full score composition.
Any thoughts, or practical experience?

Many thanks


MuseScore free creation and edition program as available here (.org) runs on Windows, MacOS or Linux. No Android or iOS.
The MuseScore non-free reader program available from stores and managed on .com runs on Android and iOS. But it doesn't allow you to create or edit scores.

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The Tab 6 is a neat little tablet.
If you are looking for something small that can run MuseScore. there are a couple of options. The ones I know of are Windows based. Samsung makes a small LTE Windows tablet. A bit pricey, though.
I own a Surface Go. This is a 10 inch Windows computer with touch screen and pencil. It runs MuseScore and most other things just fine. It comes with Windows 10 "lite", which I have changed to full Windows.

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