Windows menu and ctrl- tabbing between open scores

• Dec 16, 2020 - 15:50

In spite of the subject, this has nothing to do with the Windows OS—it's about the Mac. Musescore should have a standard Mac windows menu on the far right, and when open scores are tabbed, you should be able to ctrl-tab between them. This is a standard Mac OS convention. I'm sure there's an equivalent on Windows.


On Windows operating system you can ctrl+tab to cycle through the open scores. ctrl+shift+tab does not work like it does on most Windows programs. I'm curious if the Mac OS is somehow capturing the ctrl+tab and not passing it on the MuseScore or if you somehow have the shortcut undefined? In Edit->Preference->Shortcuts it's listed as Next Score. I now see that previous score has several defined shortcuts that don't include ctrl+shift+tab.

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I checked the shortcuts. There is a key combo defined there: ctrl- }. It works, so I guess I'll use that since it doesn't allow me in this case to create a new one. I prefer that developers use Mac standards since it's easier to remember. Thanks for your help, Mike. As always.

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If it won't let you define a shortcut as ctrl+tab then it's probably because the Mac OS won't allow it rather than MuseScore deciding on its own that you can't. Like I said, it's the default on windows. Perhaps there is a programmer lurking in the shadows that knows a good reason for this.

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You're probably right about the Mac not allowing the change: it turns out (and I didn't know this after using Macs for 25+ years) that the keystroke MuseScore uses (technically it's Command-Shift-} ) also works for tabbing through Safari, and other apps. Learn something new every day... Still the control tab thing should work. It's standard. I'll await the programmers lurking in the shadows...

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