Missing ties when pasting into a note

• Dec 15, 2020 - 20:02

When pasting a small segment into a longer note, MuseScore rewrites that note so that it keeps sounding for as long as possible after the segment. As of the development version 3.6 (OS: Linux Mint 20, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 2cbee43), the rewritten rhythm is missing ties. See the example below.

Music entered:

Screenshot from 2020-12-15 19-58-02.png

Selecting and copying a small segment:

Screenshot from 2020-12-15 19-58-17.png

Selecting a place for pasting it:

Screenshot from 2020-12-15 19-58-02.png

Pasting it:

Screenshot from 2020-12-15 19-58-30.png

Note how the two C5's in the last measure are not tied as they should.


Perhaps. You assume they should be tied, but MuseScore can't. It doesn't know what you want for the rest of the measure. The rest of the measure is just fill while MS waits for you to finish the measure. Besides, there's no other reason to fill the measure with this. A better final fill would be a dotted half.

The same thing happens when you start entering notes over the whole note.

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I disagree with you here. I think the behaviour I am expecting is the more consistent one if Musescore decides to keep the notes in the leftover spaces there. In my view, there are two possible consistent options:

a) the note(s) that were in the bar beforehand continue sounding for the longest time possible after the new segment is applied. This of course requires ties.

b) delete the note(s) that had durations affected by the new segment and replace them with rests

Just ask yourself: if you had a whole note in a bar and pasted something there, you either want it fully replaced (option b) or at least cut it short (option a). You'd never want to break it according to the beat structure, otherwise you'd not have entered a whole note in the first place.

> The same thing happens when you start entering notes over the whole note.

Yes, I think it's the same issue.

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I agree with @gsagostinho. The current behaviour makes sense if you are pasting notes onto a whole rest as rests can't be tied and the rests that remain after pasting should be regrouped according to standard practice. However, notes can be tied and MS shouldn't guess what the rhythm of the remaining duration of the note should be.

Looking at the options of what the behaviour should be, I think my preference would be b) delete the remaining duration of the "pasted onto" note. It seems more logical that if you overwrite the start of a note, then the note should be considered to have not started and therefore have no remaining duration.

I would agree it would be nice if they were tied, but I just checked 3.5.2 and 3.4.2, and they weren't tied there either. So if it ever worked that way, it's been a while.

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