Add / implement a "Follow Text" properety / option in Inspector for Voltas

• Dec 15, 2020 - 06:57
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Simillar to the "Follow Text" property of Tempo Texts, it'd be great to have this for Voltas too

Workaround of course is to use the repeat list.


I would rather have the text following the repeat list, automatically applying a customisable style on the repeat list e.g. a dot and a white space or whatever else would be configured by the user.
And of course the repeat property of the measure must disappear and follow the repeat list(s) as well that becomes the single source of truth.
Well will you say, how do you do to get three repeats when there is no volta ?
Well the same you would do for a human being who can't guess a repeat is supposed to be played more than twice: by adding a text such as 3x. So, system text should have an additional repeat property allowing to ask for more then 1 repeat when you want so without volta (not unlike staff text having a capo property).

I'd rather have it similar to Tempo Text (Quarter note = 80), where the visible part ("1. - 3.") is determining the invisible part (BPB resp. the repeat list).

The repeat property of a measure indeed should go away, and rather be a property of the end repeat barline (defaulting to 2 of course), overruled by voltas, if any. But that'd be vor another issue... Needs some kind of migration though, on reading scores using the measure property

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Yes I see what you mean, and it has the advantage of consistency with tempo text and can potentially be felt as more intuitive by new users.
Advantages of using repeat list as master instead of repeat text is:
-repeat lists are unambiguous, no issue in wrong "translate" of repeat text
-repeat text can be generated from the list with a consistent format through a bunch of scores and easily changed in one shot by modifying that format
-repeat text could still be optionally "detached" from repeat list by users needing to use some special text instead of the generated one (possible with your solution as well by hiding the "true" repeat text and putting the desired text on the same place as an ordinary text, but that solution would look like workaround to me)

Architecture wise it makes it lots easier to apply the tempo text model here as well, as the repeatlist is currently unique to a volta; but the start text is applicable to all text line types.