Ctrl+Shift+3 for sharp shortcut in text entry?

• Dec 14, 2020 - 17:03

The hardcoded shortcut for sharps is ctrl+shift+#. That makes it inaccessible for some keyboards (German, Belgian, Spanish).
Adding an alternative shortcut of ctrl+shift+3 (the key from which # is accessed, after all), would make it compatible with the Spanish keyboard. Would it also make it compatible with German and Belgian keyboards?

[Edit: after downloading the keyboard layouts and trying them:

adding ctrl+shift+3 would add support for the shortcut for QWERTZ and Spanish QWERTY.
adding ctrl+shift+" would add support for the shortcut for AZERTY.]


There is actually no # key on American keyboards. The reason for the shift is to make the # symbol by pressing shift+3. I'm not sure how this affects the internal workings of MuseScore though.

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In QWERTY(es) and AZERTY keyboards # is accessed through altgr+3 (normally ctrl+alt+3), in QWERTZ through a dedicated symbol that shifted is '
There is a convention to use ctrl+shift+symbol for text-entry input shortcut (well, recently broken by introducing the synalepha shortcut), so I'm not very into having, for example, ctrl+alt+3 for sharps.
Idk, maybe synalepha should be ctrl+shift+_ after all. Even so, I think that shortcuts are being redesigned for 4.0 (do you know if it's true?), so maybe I'll just let it go.

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My understanding is that shortcuts are going to be redesigned in 4.0 but I haven't seen a PR for it and haven't checked out any nightlies yet. ctrl+shift+_ on American windows forces an underline in a lyric so that isn't available for the synalepha. I do understand that the convention for text shortcuts is ctrl+shift+ symbol because things like ctrl+f enters a forte symbol not F and there are others. # follows the convention but like I said, it's technically ctrl+# on American keyboards and if I make # the shortcut for a sharp during note entry it will say to only press # not shift+3.

When shortcuts get redone, I believe their context will be better managed so you can customize the synalepha for your system. I don't know if it's worth it at this point to go too deep into shortcuts like this that have problems on other systems or not. We are getting ready for the beta release and it'll be up to others to decide if work on this would get merged into the 3.6 release.

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On a Spanish QWERTY, pressing Shift+# returns · (middle dot). On a French or a Belgian AZERTY, pressing Shift+# returns 3 (the number).

The shortcut doesn't work for these keyboard layouts in 3.6 Beta, but I'm 99% sure that adding
case Qt::Key_periodcentered: // e. g. QWERTY (ES)
case Qt::Key_3: // e. g. AZERTY (FR, BE)

would make it work.

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