Edit Text Style Name in Style Dialog

• Dec 11, 2020 - 13:52

I noticed an issue when I was editing a style for User-7 (in this case).I changed the name from User-7 to "Highlight Red Text" in Style->Text Style. Everything seemed OK (screenshot 1).

I closed the Style Dialog and re-opened the Style Dialog. The text in the name field has changed back to "User-7" but is still "Highlight...." on the left column (screenshot 2). Same in Inspector Staff Text-> Style (screenshot 3).

I use the "Annotations" palette from Marc's Education Pack, which has the a text style with red text and border, highlighted. In my Musescore this is defined as "User-6", which I had changed and everything worked ok. Every User-n after User -6 has the same issue, but everything above User-6 works OK.

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How about if you save the score, then close and reopen it? if you continue to have problems, please attach the score so we can investigate further.

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