• Dec 10, 2020 - 02:12

I am trying to understand how licensing applies to a transcription and arrangement for a solo guitar piece. I would like to upload "When I'm Sixty Four" . It is an original Beatles song that I have arranged for solo guitar. How do I find out if I can upload it and how to answer the MuseScore licensing questions for this and other such arrangements. Thank you


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Thank you Shoichi but I've read the guidelines and still not sure how complete Step 7 for my score. What is the correct step 7 selection for a score that is adapted from a copyrighted original composition.? In this case, "When I'm 64", Beatles composition; Sony copyright. I arranged it for solo classical guitar and want to upload the score.

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Basically, upload the score with the copyright you want for your score so it will have the visibility that you want. will look at the score, see if they have an agreement with the copyright holder to use the score and if they do they will allow pro users to download it. If they don't they will make the score private so they do not violate copyright laws. In the case of a Beatles' song we all know that any discussion of Public Domain won't apply.

This is my understanding of how it works. If you want to know from what they will actually do, you should as at See for info on the differences between the sites.

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