Convert 8th notes (etc) into triplets and the reverse

• Dec 9, 2020 - 21:19

I would like to enter a phrase of 8th notes (for example) and be able to convert those into one of more triplets and then, possibly, back again after I've compared how the phrase works as straight or triplet.

The reverse is true - select one or more triplets and convert them into straight time.

Ideally neither of these operations would over-write any notes not selected. For example, I'm now able to select a triplet comprised of 8th notes, cut and paste it back at double duration. This turns it into a quarter note triplet but it also writes over any notes following the original triplet so as to make room for the longer triplet.


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I would say not underquark. Your link is to a question in bugs and support, this is discussion of a possible feature request in response to the answer "It's not currently possible."

This is a request made from time to time though I doubt it's true usefulness as a composer's tool. I'm not opposed to it though.

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