Barlines Wont Connect?

• Dec 3, 2020 - 21:57

I want to connect bar lines so I can play the bass and treble clef at the same time, you know, like normal sheet music, but I cant get them to connect. I've tried clicking on them and dragging them, and even though they turn blue so I know that they're selected, they won't budge. What am I missing?


That you're likely currently using a single instrument that has multiple systems; one playing after the other.
To add an instrument (or a staff to an instrument) go to Edit > Instruments...

If this isn't your issue, then please attach your score so we can inspect it.

When you say you "drag" them, are you dragging the actual blue bar line (wrong) or are you using the little square "handles" at the top and bottom (right)?

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