Musecore 3.0

• Dec 2, 2020 - 18:13


I updated my musescore to version 3.5.2 revision 465e7b6.

When playing back some of the instruments did not play unless I clicked on a note of an instrument. How do I get all the instruments to play. I noticed too if I clicked on a chord name the chord played. How do I stop this from happening.

Finally, my email has been hacked so I can only come back here to find out the answers. Thanks guys. Oh, also, are their videos or handbooks to understand all the changes and how I need to adapt.

Thank you,

Jerome Dempsey


See the section on Chord Symbols in the Handbook to learn how to disable playback for a single chord, all chords in the current score, all chords in future scores, disable it during editing but keep it during playback, etc.

As mentioned, in order to understand anything else about your particular score, we'd need you to attach it.

As for changes, without knowing what version you are updating from, it's hard to say, but the release notes for each release details the changes in that particular release.

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